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Doing My Job

Hi, everyone. Today I ‘m going to talk about my job. I have a very important place in my pack—partly because I’m so cute, partly because Harry loves me, but mostly because I’m good at my job.


BelleRallyHeeling 3

Above is a picture of me being good at my job.

My job is to practice several times a week and then go to dog shows and get ribbons and applause. I have two degrees in obedience: Rally Novice B and Obedience Novice B. I have to enter the “B” classes, because Harry showed another dog and got degrees on her before he rescued me. So he’s not strictly a beginner, even though I am. I don’t like to think about him in the ring with another dog. It seems disloyal of him. But I’ve decided to forgive him. I’m sure she wasn’t as cute as me.



Here’s another picture of me in the rally advanced ring.

Anyway, I love my job. Being a herding dog, I have a strong work ethic. Now we’re working on the Rally Advanced degree. We are two-thirds of the way to that title. One more time in the ring and (if we pass) I’ll have that title, too. And probably some more applause. The ribbons are only so-so, but I really like the applause.

We’re also working on our Obedience intermediate and advanced degrees, but they’re taking more time. It’s fun, though. I get to retrieve things, and go over jumps, and learn hand signals, and all sorts of other fun stuff. But it’s complicated, so I need to make sure that Harry is very clear in showing me what he wants me to do. Poor guy, he needs constant feedback to keep him on track. But I’m always kind with my corrections. Well, mostly. Everybody gets frustrated now and then. Still, he is improving. If he keeps following my directions, he has a lot of potential.

Here’s another picture of me and him at the last obediece trial we went to. I was very pleased with the way he’s coming along.


And finally here’s a picture of me after getting home from the show. As you can tell, all the pressure of performing takes a lot out of a girl.

Belle Sleeping


Ta for now,


PS: All pictures were taken by our good friend Vita.

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4 Responses to Guest Blogger—Belle

  1. Belle, not only are you beautiful and talented, but so articulate, too! Congratulations on teaching Harry so much. He’s such a good guy, you probably have lots of fun together. Good luck on your advanced degrees! I only have one, and you are soon going to have more than me! Impressive!

    Lots of pats and scratches,
    Kitty (one of Harry’s writing friends)

    • Harry Squires says:

      Kitty, Belle thanks you. She’d write herself, but she has such a busy schedule. She barely has time to fit in 6 hours of napping.


  2. Laura Drake says:

    Oh Belle, you are so patient and kind to agree to work with Harry. He needs things to do, and this keeps him busy. Everyone needs a purpose in life.

    Good luck in the advanced ring!

    • Harry Squires says:

      Laura, Thanks for visiting Belle’s blog. She’s very grateful for the support of her writing friends as she begins her literary career.

      She’d write herself, but she has to go bark at the UPS guy just now. Never a minute for herself!


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