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My name is Belle. I’m the leader of the pack that Harry and Susan feed. I’ve decided to guest Blog occasionally on Harry’s site. You may ask why I don’t have my own page on Facebook. We’ll, a girl can’t be too careful these days–especially one as attractive as me.

Above is a picture of me in the Supervisor’s office. This is my Step of Power, where I can monitor everything that’s going on downstairs.

Many people tell me that I’m very cute. In all modesty, they’re right. Below is a picture of my buddy Blitz. He’s in my pack, too. We have a pretty good pack,. But it could use some improvements. Take walking, for example. We need to do it every day. Every. Day. Five times a week is NOT enough. And that whole leashes thing—we don’t need them. Just open the door and let us go. I can’t tell you all the cats and squirrels that have escaped because of those stupid leashes. Priorities, people!

Blitz1 copy

Blitz has been in my pack ever since he joined as a puppy.


Here’s picture of us playing together years ago. He used to be a lot of fun. But lately all he wants to do is sniff my butt–and my pee.

Memo to Blitz–get a hobby. I’m tired of you.

Memo to Harry: Breakfast was seventeen minutes late today. We both noticed. I love you very much, but as leader, it is my responsibility to maintain high standards for our pack This will come up on your performance review.

Ta for now,



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  1. Judi Barth says:

    To cute! Beautiful dogs.

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